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We can cut any piece smaller or shorter.

B-1   $1800 SOLD   Rustic Table Base
B-2    Dining or Conference Room Table Base or Executive Desk Base  $950 SOLD  Could Also Be Used for an 8' Solid Wood Redwood Slab Top
B-3    50 x 50 x 32" tall    $3900 SOLD   Rustic Table Base, Great for an 8' Glass Tabletop

B-4  45" x 46" x 23" [tall]   $950  [best color in photo on left, setting sun affected color in photo on right]

B-5    50" x 22" x 18" Tall
B-6   24" x 23" 33" Tall
  $1200 SOLD
B-7   $2250 SOLD Redwood Dining Table Base for 6' to 7' Glass Top or Solid Redwood Slab Table Top
B-8    32 x 30" x 16" tall    $650   Rustic Table Base
B-9      23" x 33" x 26" tall  
B-10   21" x 19" x 23" tall  $SOLD
Two Rustic Bases for a Bench or Table
B-11   27 x 29 x 26 Tall"    $1350   
Solid Redwood Slab Top
B-12   41" x 41" x 27" Tall Table Base   $1100

B-13    $3400   Rustic Furniture Base   These two photographs are of the same base; it will hold a 10' to 12'plus slab.


B-14   46" x 36" x 32" tall  $2500 SOLD
Dark Redwood Table Base

B-15    63" x 24" x 18" Tall  $1850
Rustic Coffee Table Base
B-16    38" x 16" x 14.5" Tall    SOLD Rustic Table Base Will Hold a 5' x 26" Redwood Slab
B-17   $SOLD   Rustic Redwood Base (Two views of the same base)
B-18     32" x 27" x 31" tall    $SOLD   
Rustic Coffee Table Base
B-19    18" tall    $450   
Coffee Table Base
B-20  48" [tall]  $850 SOLD   Solid Wood Bases
B-21       $650   
Juniper Table Base
B-22       $350   
Juniper Table Base

B-23  38" x 36" x 28.5" Tall  $1100 SOLD  Above Two Photos Are of the Same Beautiful Rustic Table Base. This base has no true top or bottom, meaning it can be used either way.


These rustic table bases salvaged from the roots and stumps of old growth Sequoia redwood can be used as bases or pedestals for dining room or conference room tables, executive desks, countertops, bars, end tables, book shelves and much more.  Usually with a glass top we want the roots to point up.  However,  this type of base has no specific top or bottom, so they can be used with either  side  up or down.

These are just some samples of our bases and pedestals. If you don't see exactly what you are looking for, please call or send us an email and we can send you photographs of other bases we currently have in our large inventory.  Please bookmark us and check back, as we update our site almost daily with new items.  We are available for after hours telephone calls.

Customer Comments

"George, you did good. The table base looks great! Thank you again for your help and selection."

Heyworth, Illinois

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