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All bases are unfinished so the color in the photos is not always true.

Half Moon Bases
  $850 A Pair
   All Sizes:  Either Half, Quarter Moon, or Straight

Half Moon Bases
Another Example of

Rustic Table Base

   Here is an idea -- Put several of the Half Moon pieces together as a base for a large or extra large redwood slab.

B-24   Large Dining Table Base, Executive Desk Base, Conference Room Table Base or Bar Base  $4500
B-25   88" x 36" x 17" Tall  $1300 SOLD   Coffee Table that can hold a 8' x 4' Top
B-26    33" x 25" x 27" tall  $1200 SOLD
B-27    Dining Table Base   $650

B-28  75" x 35" x 42" [tall]  
$2250 SOLD

B-29   32" x 12" x 24" [tall]  
$250 SOLD

B-30    73" x 46" x 31" Tall    $3200    Good Old Growth Redwood Root

B-31    27" x 20" x 15 Tall   $350 SOLD     

B-32   35" x 36" x 42" Tall   $1250  Dining Table Base For Wood or Glass Top -- This Base Will Hold a 60" Top
B-33    SOLD    Salvaged Redwood Root Base for Dining Room Table

B-34   Examples: Bases in Any Size

B-35     38" x 32" x 36" Tall   $2500 SOLD  Two views of the same Base

B-36     Juniper Bases as Tables or Glass Bases

More Redwood and Juniper Solid Table Slabs Click Here

B-37    60" x 21" x 18" [tall ]   $750 SOLD   Two Pictures of the Same Base -- Good for Glass or Wood Top Coffee Table

B-38    Log Cuts as Bases for Bars or to Cover Walls

B-39  $4500  SOLD  Two Pictures Above Are of the Same Base (Example)

B-40   Will Hold a 10' x 52" Glass or Wood Top  $4500 SOLD
B-41   $4500  SOLD   Rustic-looking Dining Table Base for a 10' to 12' Solid Redwood Slab or Glass Top
B-42    18" Tall   $750 SOLD  Old Growth Redwood Base
(Two views of same Base)

These bases for rustic dining and conference room tables, bars, executive desks, coffee tables, end tables, room dividers, pedestals -- and anything else you can think of -- will add to the warmth of your home, office or cabin.  Some are salvaged from the woods while some are crafted from driftwood.  We have over one hundred and are continually adding to our inventory.  They are excellent for glass tops or solid redwood slab tops.  Please call or email us, we would be glad to help with your special project.  We are available for after hours telephone calls.

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